Passing your driving test with dyslexia

Our five part series covers everything from what to expect on theory test day, through to extra support you can receive for your practical test.

Having dyslexia means that you may take longer to learn to drive than others and you may need to learn in a slightly different way.​

Half of the battle in passing your driving test is understanding where the difficulties lie. Then you can find the learning strategies that work best for you.

The other half of the battle is gaining the confidence to sit and pass your test (eek!)

In our ‘Passing your driving test with dyslexia’ 5-part guide, we’ll take you step-by-step through the following:

Part 1: What to expect with your driving theory test
Part 2: Extra help you can get for your driving theory test
Part 3: Top tips for revising for your driving theory test

Part 4: Getting the most out of your driving lessons
Part 5: Passing your practical driving test

Click here to start Part 1: What to expect on your driving theory test.

In December 2017, the DVLA introduced some changes to driving tests.  Click here to see a short video on our Youtube channel which explains the changes.