A membership organisation for dyslexia

Dyslexia Scotland is a membership organisation. We are a growing community of people and organisations who believe in the vision of a dyslexia-friendly Scotland, where all people with dyslexia have their rights met and are able to reach their full potential. Join our cause, become a member.

Our people

As a charity with just 7 employees, we rely on the skills, generosity and dedication of our community – from our President, Ambassadors, supporters and directors to staff and volunteers providing direct services.

Our President is former world champion Formula One racing driver Sir Jackie Stewart OBE. Our Vice Presidents are Dougray Scott and Audrey Baxter.

I am extremely proud to be President of Dyslexia Scotland. We have worked for many years on the task of making Scotland a better place to live in, creating more opportunities for people with dyslexia than they might ever have enjoyed.
As a dyslexic who was not diagnosed at any time through my period of education, I feel very strongly that we have to significantly change the way that people with learning difficulties – young people in particular – are supported. This is especially true in respect to the early recognition of dyslexia and other specific learning requirements.
We still have a long road to cover, but I am confident Dyslexia Scotland will be a major player in ensuring that no one goes through these educational dramas as I did.
Of course we don’t just help young people; there are many people of mature years who up until recently could not have known the problems they endured were the result of learning disabilities.
I sincerely hope that Scotland will lead the world in dealing with these matters for people of all ages, more profoundly than ever before.

A word from Sir Jackie Stewart, President of Dyslexia Scotland

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is responsible for running the charity. The Chair of the Board is David Shaw. Our Directors are Mary Evans, Andy Laverty, Peter Lederer, Karen McGill, Chris Hughes, Mike Gibson, David Hughes and Irene Lumsden, pictured here with our CEO and Development Team.


Dyslexia Scotland has a group of high-profile Ambassadors, notable in various parts of Scottish society, who help Dyslexia Scotland raise awareness of the issues faced by people with dyslexia.

Hamza Yassin

Cameraman and television presenter

Ben Thomson

Founder and Chairman of Inverleith investment firm

Jennifer Ewan

Professional singer-songwriter

Colin Campbell

Managing Director of Bellair (Scotland) Ltd.

Alan Sinclair


Chris Tiso

Chief Executive of the Tiso Group and award-winning businessman

Mamta Singhal

Chartered Design Engineer and Consumer Goods Expert

Rossie Stone

Founder of Dekko Comics

Keith Cook

Director of Fencing Fun and Positive Destination, British Fencing Champion, Mentor, Coach, Modern Jedi

Mark Stoddart

International Designer

Paul McNeil

uthor and Head of Community Development for the Scottish Football Association

David Hughes

Head of Physical Preparation for Performance Sport at the University of Edinburgh

Steven Naismith

Professional football coach

Nicola Morgan

Author and speaker

Our wider organisation

Our Young Ambassadors help raise awareness to other young people and their learning communities.

Our small staff group runs the charity, led by the Chief Executive Cathy Magee. 

The Members’ Representative Council – or ‘the Council’ for short – advises the Board. It’s made up of representatives from local branches, committees, the Adult Network and the Board. The Chair of the Council is Irene Lumsden.

We have a network of local Branches across Scotland, all run by volunteers.

We also have volunteers, members and supporters who contribute daily to the impact Dyslexia Scotland makes.

Cross-Party Group on Dyslexia in the Scottish Parliament

The group is made up of MSPs and other partners, including charities, parents, educators and other professionals.

The Cross-Party Group on Dyslexia is a forum whereby those affected by dyslexia and the organisations which represent their interests can share their experience and expertise. It aims to find a platform for discussion with MSPs and to keep them informed of the issues raised. 

Members include Dyslexia Scotland staff and many representatives from our local branches and Adult Networks.

To find out more about the Cross-Party Group, visit the Scottish Parliament Cross-Party Group on Dyslexia page

Our past: a brief history of Dyslexia Scotland

The ‘Scottish Association for the Study of Dyslexia’ was formed in 1968 and in 1978 its name was changed to “Scottish Dyslexia Association”.

The office at Stirling was established late in 1995 and the first member of staff was employed early in 1996.

In 2001 the formal business name ‘Dyslexia in Scotland’ came about to reflect the breadth of activities on behalf of dyslexic people throughout Scotland. 

In November 2004 Dyslexia in Scotland merged with the Scottish Dyslexia Trust to create a new organisation Dyslexia Scotland.  This new organisation was launched at an event in the then newly built Scottish Parliament building in the presence of Dyslexia Scotland’s President, Sir Jackie Stewart and Scotland’s then First Minister, Jack McConnell.

The legal and educational systems in Scotland have been different from those in England for hundreds of years, so Dyslexia Scotland has always been an independent Scottish based organisation. 

Although Dyslexia Scotland was one of eight organisations involved is setting up the British Dyslexia Association (BDA) in 1972, we are not a branch of the BDA, which doesn’t operate in Scotland.