Top tips for revising for your driving theory test

1. Choose your revision tools wisely

Books can be useful, but if you feel this is going to be difficult for you, choose an interactive software tool instead. There is inexpensive software with voice-overs that cater to learners with dyslexia. The software reads out loud the questions, answers and explanations. Some examples can be found here, here and here. There is also a paid subscription website called Driving Theory Specialists that offers access to dyslexia-friendly revision content for a monthly fee.

2. Give yourself about 6-8 weeks to revise for the test

Any longer might mean you forget some of what you’ve learned, any less might not be long enough.


You can take practical driving lessons whilst studying for your theory test. This can be helpful as you can use the time during your practical lessons to ask your driving instructor questions about the theory test.

3. Study for 30-60 minutes per day

Take regular breaks, and split up the time into two or more short sessions.

4. Read questions and answers out loud to yourself

This helps you process the information in a more effective way.

5. Ask someone to help you study

Understanding the reason behind each answer will help you to remember and visualise information. Explaining it back to them can be doubly as effective.

6. Practise a few mock tests.

There are some on the website here.

Best of luck!

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