I’ve just found out that I’m dyslexic. What do I do now?

Dyslexic adults ask
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Take your dyslexia journey one step at a time with us

If you have just discovered that you’re dyslexic, or have known for a while but have recently taken some positive steps to learn more about how you think and learn, then this collection of resources is for you. 

You might notice that dyslexia affects many different parts of your life. We’ve gathered together expert information to guide you on all parts of your personal development journey.

We hope that you find these resources helpful. If you have any questions or feedback about this pack, please get in touch.

General information

Dyslexia Adult Masterclass (part 1)
How is dyslexia assessed in adults?

Assessments for adults leaflet



Dyslexia Scotland

The Codpast

‘Because I’m dyslexic’

My dyslexia story’

Personal life


Counselling services

The psychological impact of dyslexia

Confidence and self-esteem

Social and communication skills

The emotion of being identified later in life

Studying with dyslexia


Access to work – a government support scheme

Guidance on the Access to Work grant

The working environment

Job applications leaflet


Job interviews leaflet


Dyslexic strengths

Next steps and resources

Dyslexia Scotland TV

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