Dyslexia Scotland is leading the movement towards a dyslexia-friendly country. But we can’t do it alone. If thousands of people in Scotland all take small positive steps, we’ll move on leaps and bounds as an inclusive nation. This is all part of our strategy, ‘The journey to a dyslexia-friendly Scotland‘.
If you are someone who makes a positive difference for dyslexia in Scotland, you are a changemaker. Here’s how you make it official.

What is a Dyslexia Scotland changemaker?

Dyslexia changemakers are people who take positive action to be dyslexia-inclusive in their home, learning, work or social environment.

Who can be a Dyslexia Scotland changemaker?

Anyone can be a changemaker, from school pupils to politicians, teachers to tradespeople, expanding employers to elite entrepreneurs, parents to prison officers, designers to drummers, journalists to judges and families to farmers. You can be anywhere in Scotland or in any role. You can be anyone at all who wants to make a positive change for dyslexic people in Scotland.

From small changes to strategic influence, all positive action matters. Anyone who takes action to make Scotland more inclusive and dyslexia-friendly is a changemaker. Our collective effort is vital to this movement.

How to be a Dyslexia Scotland changemaker

Step 1: Act

Do something that makes a positive difference for people with dyslexia in Scotland

Step 2: Report

Tell Dyslexia Scotland what you’re doing through our changemaker community update channel (find it at the bottom of this page)

Step 3: Share

Share your positive action – tell a friend, share it on social media or with your local news what difference you are making

Step 4: Celebrate

Display your official ‘dyslexia changemaker’ materials to inspire others to take positive action (download them below)

Download the changemaker materials

changemaker guide


changemaker digital badge