We are working to create a dyslexia-friendly Scotland. We aim to inspire and enable all people with dyslexia to realise their potential, and to encourage changemakers to help us.

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Our vision

Scotland is a dyslexia-friendly country that values the skills and talents of people with dyslexia.

Our mission

To ensure that people with dyslexia have their rights met and are able to reach their potential in life, learning and work.

Our values

  • Inclusion
  • Empowerment
  • Collaboration
  • Social justice
  • Innovation
  • Continuous improvement

Our strategic aims

  1. To provide and promote high quality services
  2. To influence and achieve positive change at a national and local level
  3. To give people with dyslexia a strong individual and collective voice
  4. To ensure Dyslexia Scotland is a sustainable, efficient and effective organisation


As we make progress towards a dyslexia-friendly Scotland, these are the difference the dyslexic community has asked us to concentrate on making:

Dyslexic people will:

  • Have a better understanding of how they think and learn
  • Be more confident
  • Feel better supported and valued in their daily life, learning environment, workplace and community
  • Have opportunities to achieve and attain
  • Be better equipped to manage key challenges and transitions.

Among the non-dyslexic population:

  • There will be an increased understanding of dyslexia and its impacts and advantages.

Our strategic plan

Our strategic plan for 2022-2025 sets out our road map to a dyslexia-friendly Scotland. We’ve produced the plan in a range of formats to make it as accessible as possible:


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Summary document and full document PDFs: