Dyslexic employees can add immense value to an organisation if they’re supported well. We’re here to help you create an inclusive workplace.

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Fundraisers can be a great way to show your support for dyslexia at work. Use our Work for Good page to make donations to Dyslexia Scotland.

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Meeting your responsibilities as an employer

Dyslexia is a protected characteristic under the Equality Act (2010). This means that as an employer, you are obliged to provide reasonable adjustments. Dyslexia Scotland can guide you on ways you can get the best from your dyslexic employees.


Find bitesize guidance on dyslexia at work in our leaflets for employers.


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Contact our Helpline on 0344 800 84 84 for confidential advice on supporting a dyslexic employee or colleague.

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We can provide bespoke dyslexia training for organisations.

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Scottish Trades Union Congress Dyslexia Guide

You might be wondering what are my employees’ rights and how do I support them? The Scottish Trade Union Congress and Scottish Union Learning have developed this guide to help Union Learning Representatives support and signpost people in the workplace who may have dyslexia, and to encourage them to contact relevant organisations that can provide the information and support they need.

Membership of the Scottish Trades Union Dyslexia Group includes representatives from various affiliated unions, Scottish Union Learning, the STUC Disabled Workers’ Committee and Dyslexia Scotland. 

Dyslexia: a guide for union learning representatives