Extra help you can get for your driving theory test

1. Extra time

It is possible for people with dyslexia to apply for an extra 57 minutes to complete the driving theory test. To do so, you need a signed letter from a medical or educational professional confirming that you have dyslexia (your GP or teacher should be able to help here). The letter should say what sort of additional arrangements they recommend and why. You can then contact the test agency with this information, using this address:

DVSA Theory Test Enquiries

[email protected]

PO Box 1286



Telephone: 0300 200 1188

Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm

2. Use of a coloured overlay screen – for your computer

A picture of a pen, clipboard and stopwatch on a blue background.

3. A voiceover

You can ask for someone to sit with you and read the questions to you and/or record your answers.

4. An oral language modifier

This is someone who can help re-interpret the question to you in case of severe language difficulties.

5. Taking the test in a separate room

In some exceptional circumstances, it is possible to request a room on your own if you find the anxiety of being in a room with others too much.

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