Dyslexia Scotland can provide bespoke dyslexia training.  Whether you want in-service training, workplace support or general awareness about dyslexia, we can help you.

To plan your training with us, please complete our Bespoke Training Request form.

Dyslexia Scotland’s training can address:

Costs for up to twenty-five people*

1 hour (online): £250

2.5 hour (online/in-person) £350

Full day (in-person only): £600

*If the number of participants exceeds twenty-five people, we would charge an additional £5 per person. 

We expect that you will host the online training on your preferred platform. For in-person training, travel costs would be added to the above costs.

To plan your training with us, please complete our Bespoke Training Request form.

The workshop was excellent and a useful tool since the scenarios were very true to life.

Chief Inspector John Moore, West Lothian Police force

Dyslexia Scotland is certified by the GTCS as a Professional Learning Award Organisation.

Online learning

Modules for teachers

There are three linked courses written by the Addressing Dyslexia Toolkit and Dyslexia Scotland with the support of the Opening Educational Practices in Scotland Project.  All three courses use the General Teaching Council Scotland’s focus areas identified to support professional learning.

CLD module

This is an introductory module  which  aims to provide practitioners who work in a CLD setting (post school) with an improved awareness of what dyslexia is, its impact, how it is assessed in different contexts and how it can be supported within an inclusive learning environment.

Career educator course

An introductory guide for Careers Advisers, Employability Workers and other career educators on supporting dyslexic learners to complete personal statement style job applications. Learn about what dyslexia is and how it impacts job search, and practical ways to support.