Winter 2023

The winter 2023 edition of Dyslexia Voice was dedicated to wellbeing with dyslexia. Log in to read the content online.




Why wellbeing matters

Thank you

A message from our Chief Executive

Behind the scenes

Two volunteers’ experiences

Mixed emotions

How it feels to find out you’re dyslexic

Important research

We’re taking the temperature of the dyslexic community


Ross Duncan interviews

Meet Chaplain Dave

A laugh a day

How I laugh my way to wellbeing

Succeeding with dyslexia

Harold’s life lessons

How I manage

Why being part of a community matters

How I learned that I’m not stupid

Lisa’s emotional rollercoaster

Sharing experiences

How Dyslexic Adult Networks promote wellbeing

Parents and families

Change, made easy

A new digital application for young people

Finding more than treasure

What have the Romans ever done for dyslexia?

Home educating and dyslexia

Three families share their experiences

The importance of calm

How tuning into our bodies can help our dyslexic minds


Making a Mark

A new book is helping young neurodivergent learners

Improving learners’ wellbeing

An Aberdeen case study


Scroll less, live more

Taking back control from your digital world

Featured children’s book