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Our leaflets are grouped under different headings but some of them may apply to more than one group, so it is worth taking a little time to look under all the headings.  If you have any questions after looking at our publications, please contact our Helpline. 
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  • What is dyslexia? ( PDF / Audio )
  • Checklist and indicators of dyslexia ( PDF / Audio )
  • Neurodiversity (PDF)
  • Assessments for adults ( PDF )
  • Famous people with dyslexia ( PDF )
  • Dyslexia and visual issues ( PDF / Audio)
  • Visual Issues - Frequently Asked Questions ( PDF )
  • Dyslexia and self esteem ( PDF
  • Dyslexia friendly formats ( PDF )
  • Dyslexia friendly tips for speakers ( PDF )
  • Exams ( PDF )
  • SQA Assessment Arrangements for National Literacy Units ( PDF )
  • Mind Mapping ( PDF )
  • Dyslexia and ICT ( PDF Audio )
  • Dyscalculia ( PDF ) 
  • Dè th’ ann an diosleagsia? (Gaelic) ( PDF )
  • Czym jest dysleksja? (Polish) ( PDF )

Children, parents, teachers 

  • Children, dyslexia and the law ( PDF )
  • Identification of dyslexia in schools - information for parents ( PDF ) 
  • Information for parents  ( PDF / Audio )
  • Explaining dyslexia to children ( PDF / Audio )
  • Youth information - what is dyslexia? ( PDF / Audio )
  • Transition from primary to secondary school ( PDF / Audio )
  • Information for teachers ( PDF )
  • Ideas for supporting spelling ( PDF / Audio )
  • Ideas for supporting reading ( PDF / Audio 1 / Audio 2 )
  • Ideas for supporting maths ( PDF / Audio )

Employment and the workplace

  • Job applications for employees ( PDF )
  • Job interviews for employees ( PDF )
  • Applications and Interviews - Information for Employers ( PDF )
  • A guide for employees ( PDF )
  • A guide for employers ( PDF ) 
  • Dyslexia and the Construction Industry ( PDF )

Study Skills 

  • Introduction to study skills ( PDF /Audio )
  • Revising for exams ( PDF )
  • Organisation and time management ( PDF )
  • Answering essay questions ( PDF )
  • Note taking ( PDF )
  • Guide for students in university or college ( PDF / Audio )
  • Guide for lecturing staff in university or college ( PDF / Audio )


​Dyslexia and Us book

What do comedienne Elaine C. Smith, Olympic rower Sir Steve Redgrave, International rugby player Kenny Logan, ‘Just a Minute’ radio show host Nicholas Parsons, an 11 year old boy, a 78 year old retired construction worker, a job seeker, a parent, a prisoner and a vet have in common?

They are among the many people who have shared their personal stories about what dyslexia means to them.  With a foreword by Formula 1 champion Sir Jackie Stewart OBE, this is a collection of over 100 moving, poignant, sad, shocking, funny, instructive and illuminating stories. They describe the powerful impact of dyslexia on individuals, families, relationships, professionals and support staff. They give a fascinating insight into how dyslexic people are treated in a wide range of different day to day settings, including job centres, adult literacy classes, education and workplaces.

Proceeds from the book, published by Edinburgh City Libraries, will go to Dyslexia Scotland to help people with dyslexia. The book is available to buy as a hard copy or as an e-book. Please click here for details of how to order. 

Further Reading
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Click here to see a list of self-help books and resources compiled by one of our members. (The author has highlighted those that they found most useful in yellow). They have also written a list of self-help podcasts and videos and a list of books which are personal stories about dyslexia.
Please note that Dyslexia Scotland does not endorse any particular products or services.