Project Harmless is latest to become an Organisational Member

Dyslexia Scotland has welcomed a new organisational member. 

Project Harmless, which develops innovative, sustainable products became the latest organisation to gain Dyslexia Scotland Organisational Membership in June 2023. The start-up, whose flagship product is a biodegradable dog waste bag, is eager to encourage dyslexic talent to join their business.

George Greer, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Project Harmless said, “Many of our supporters and customers who appreciate our product are dyslexic, and appear to appreciate the issue much faster than non-dyslexic individuals. Indeed our first ever customer is dyslexic. Most recently, we met Sir Richard Branson, who subsequently published on his blog: ‘One of the businesses that really stood out to me was Project Harmless – who have created an eco-friendly alternative to dog poo bags. It’s such an everyday item that every dog walker needs, so it’s great to see it reinvented to be kinder to the planet.’ We would therefore like to encourage more people with dyslexic thinking skills to apply for our roles, whilst making our workplace more inclusive.”

Project Harmless joins a cohort of businesses that champion inclusion and promote dyslexic thinking in Scotland’s workplaces. 

Dyslexia Scotland Organisational Membership is a key strand of the charity’s strategy for a Dyslexia Friendly Scotland. The initiative provides a channel for Scottish business to promote dyslexia-friendly practices and provides the charity with a source of sustainable income, helping them to fulfil their ambition for Scotland to be a dyslexia-friendly society. 

Cathy Magee, Chief Executive of Dyslexia Scotland, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Project Harmless as our latest organisational member. Their goal to promote dyslexic thinking skills and create an inclusive work environment is a critical part of our own mission to build a dyslexia-friendly country. The company’s mission to create useful, sustainable products that don’t harm the environment is truly admirable.”

Dyslexia Scotland invites other socially-conscious business leaders who support the charity’s vision for a more inclusive, dyslexia-friendly Scotland to apply to become organisational members. 

Project Harmless Co-Founders Ka Ho Wong and George Greer and Sir Richard Branson
Project Harmless wordmark
The Dyslexia Scotland Organisational Member badge displayed oon the glass door of a business front.