Chief Executive's rhyming report

Celebrating with pride in our 55th year

I’ll outline today some snippets of the financial year

More details of which are set out here,

In this purple report crammed with photos and stories

And our audited accounts, full of stats and inventories

Our first aim is an ambitious one, under which much has been done

Pages 16 and 17 may be a revelation to you,

Showing the scope of all the activities we do

Helpline, tutoring, assessments and resources

Alongside national and local events and courses.

Our second aim, about influencing change

Has seen us delivering an impressive range

Of initiatives whose impact will over time sustain

Like teacher education, changemakers and a global font campaign

Our third aim, I hope you’ll agree, conveys what to us is key

Ambassadors young and old using their dyslexia voice

Volunteers donating hours of support out of choice

Each quarter, members contribute to our new look mag,

Every one of them flying the dyslexia flag.

Aim Four may at times feel like a chore

Competing for grants to deliver services that are core

I suspect this will strike a chord with our Board

Always ready to face challenges that cannot be ignored!

Behind the scenes the team juggles priorities to achieve

Taking time out to reflect, evaluate – and also breathe

Celebrating with pride in our 55th year,

While, looking ahead, the journey ahead is clear.

I cannot close without extending my sincere gratitude

I hope this does not feel like a platitude

I really do appreciate everyone’s dedication and support

To every single person mentioned in this report.

Dyslexia Scotland's Annual Report 2022/23 - a purple A4 booklet.