What does your dyslexic brain look like, anyway?

Colourful images that illustrate what your dyslexic brain looks like!

Dyslexic brains are wired differently – and that has many advantages.

Here are just a few!

1. When someone with dyslexia reads, they use a different part of the brain than those without dyslexia

2. Sometimes, people with dyslexia see pictures rather than words.

Those with dyslexia often find reading hard because they may see pictures of what the word is, not the word in letters.

Being able to think in pictures, though, may be helpful at school, in many jobs and in other areas of life!

The dyslexic brain can ‘see’ things that haven’t been created yet. This makes it imaginative and creative.

3. Dyslexic brains tend to be more creative

Most dyslexic learners use their right brain more than their left brain.

The right side of the brain is responsible for creativity.

So there you go! That’s what the brain looks like in people identified with dyslexia. Fascinating, huh?

There are many brilliant dyslexic people who have used their creativity to contribute to the world, like:

People with dyslexia have great brains – they just work differently to non-dyslexic brains.

Dyslexic brains are wonderful, too smiley