'The Resource Centre Re-launch and Being Empowered by Knowledge' by Gemma Bryant

This is a very important blog, as Dyslexia Scotland is in the position of being able to state that a (mini) re-launch of the Resource Centre will be taking place on 28th February this year (I know, I know, long overdue, right?).  I know all good things take time, but thank you all for your immense patience.  We’ve updated the database (which meant doing a stock check, which took forever) but it now means we have an up-to-date inventory of our library.  We also got some new books, which, while not a massive amount, better reflects the potential needs of those who have dyslexia. But all of this is no good if the Resource Centre is not accessible.  To this end, we’ve updated the shelf plan and produced a couple of things that will hopefully make the database easier to use.  One, following the ironing out of some bugs in the database, there is now a troubleshooting sheet that explains how to get round them, as well as our rules and how the database works generally.  There is also a master file of all the things the Resource Centre has, meaning you can hopefully find what you are looking for more easily.  All the documents I have mentioned so far will eventually be available on the website too (although not prior to February 28th), so watch this space! I can’t believe it has taken us nearly two years to get to this point.  It’s been a challenge at times, but a massively rewarding one.  To know that it makes a difference to people (and will hopefully do so more now that things are better organised and explained!) is wonderful and to have undertaken this journey with the lovely staff and volunteers who have assisted me along the way has been a privilege. I am really glad that this launch is finally happening, not only has it been a personal goal for me and Dyslexia Scotland, but because it will hopefully mean that those who use the Resource Centre (which I hope will be everyone reading this and more) will find information more easily than they otherwise would have and in so doing it goes a little way to making their lives a bit easier. Although I have spoken about the power of words before, the power of being well-informed is a different thing entirely.  It is not just about being knowledgeable, although that is certainly part of it.  It is also about what knowledge has the potential to, and in fact does, inspire. We could be talking about the inspirational stories about those who have dyslexia (for lots of those see Dyslexia Scotland’s book Dyslexia and Us), but what is perhaps more crucial is to look beyond the surface of inspirational people and seeing what being more informed about dyslexia can do for those that experience it, whether that be as an educator, a parent, someone with the condition… or, in fact, anyone at all. This is why the knowledge is perhaps in and of itself, not the most important thing.  Well-informed people can better prepare themselves for potential challenges and it is the ability to do this that will make those who have dyslexia and those who help them be more confident going forward.  Confidence can lead to achievements and success in all areas of life that then means people with dyslexia are more likely to achieve their full potential, this being at the heart of everything Dyslexia Scotland does. While I know that I didn’t need to explain the value of having the Resource Centre re-launched, I don’t think reiterating it is a bad thing.  After all, knowledge is powerful.  Sometimes it even empowers people.  The hope is that the re-launch of the Resource Centre will continue in this vein.