Part 1: Unprecedented Times

Blog 01 Lockdown Mental Health Series: as it’s Mental Health Awareness Week, we have a special series of blogs that we’ll post across the next six days. Here is Part 1 of 6:  This blog won’t be related to dyslexia, but to a situation we all have in common right now and that’s the global pandemic of Covid-19 and the lockdown most nations have experienced over the last few months. But where to start addressing such a big issue and what’s most relevant to address? We’re all unique and as such will all have our own priorities. I’m a counsellor and, therefore, thought I’d share some of the most common issues that have come up in the counselling space over the last few weeks. First of all, and I’ll return to this point time and again because it seems to get lost in the noise over and over, but to me, it’s essential to acknowledge: Just pause and appreciate that: The whole globe is fighting off a disease. Now, am I saying that to freak you out, which wouldn’t be very therapeutic of me? No, of course not.  I’m saying it because whenever we face a wobble, or uncertainty, or anxiety, or fret about our children’s schooling, or the future, or we find ourselves losing our tempers easily, or crying more than usual, or feeling numb, or unmotivated or unenergised, or uncomfortable, or angry with the government or at a certain group of people when we’re stocking up on food or toilet paper, or we feel like yelling at those who are, pause and just think about this: We’re united across the planet to fight an invisible enemy. Whatever you’re feeling, it’s OK! There’s no manual. There’s no unity across the world in best practice in beating this and moving forward. It’s confusing, it’s worrying, it’s stressful, it’s frustrating, it’s a lot of things that can be hard to sit comfortably with, and that’s OK! Over the next few days, I’ll be addressing:
  1. (Thursday): The human need for control and certainty
  2. (Friday): The Five Stages of Covid-19 Grief
  3. (Saturday): Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and why it’s normal to not feel motivated just now
  4. (Sunday): Lockdown and our loss of freedom
  5. (Monday): Anxiety about ‘returning to normal’
If there are other mental health topics you’d like me to cover, please get in touch with Helen at [email protected]  and let her know or comment below. Blog series written by Terese Smith – counsellor, dyslexic and Dyslexia Scotland blogger More helpful resources from SAMH here