New podcast shares dyslexic voices

A new podcast series will shed light on the key life and learning experiences of people with dyslexia in Scotland.

The 4 part series Let’s Talk Dyslexia is a creative off-shoot of the organisation’s strategy for a dyslexia-friendly Scotland which sets an outcome for the dyslexic community to be better equipped to manage key challenges and transitions.

The episodes explore successful educational transitions, dyscalculia, dyslexia and employment and dyslexia in later life. Guests range from young people through to professionals and adults with dyslexia openly sharing their knowledge and experiences.

David Thomson, Media Volunteer and podcast host, said:

“This series will bring down barriers to dyslexia and end the stigma that is associated with learning difficulty, helping us to achieve a dyslexia-friendly Scotland.”

Episodes feature Dyslexic Young Ambassadors, Education Scotland workers, an HR and Employment specialist and an author and TV producer.

Episode 1 of Let’s Talk Dyslexia is on transitions in education and is released at 12.00 on 16 November and will be available on Dyslexia Scotland’s website.

Podcast host David Thomson