Dyslexia sculpture makes its mark in parliament.

Two Scottish artists unveiled a dyslexia inspired sculpture in the Scottish Parliament during Dyslexia Awareness Week Scotland 2021. The prestigious event was the culmination of a year long mentoring partnership between Dyslexia Scotland Ambassador Mark Stoddart and emerging artist Angus Hepburn, both dyslexic.

The bronze and gold artwork, ‘A Desirable Disadvantage’, was inspired by author Malcolm Gladwell who compares people with dyslexia to David, the champion underdog in the ancient story ‘David and Goliath
David, cast in rare Scottish gold, stands victorious on the larger-than-life bronze head of Goliath, representing the value of dyslexic strengths.

“Art can deliver important messages in a powerful way. Angus has captured the essence of many people’s experiences of dyslexia. We’re thrilled that the sculpture made its debut in the Scottish Parliament during our national Dyslexia Awareness Week and hope that the piece starts some conversations about perceptions of dyslexia, and the value of dyslexic thinking skills.”

Dyslexia Scotland career coach Katie said:

“Being dyslexic shouldn’t necessarily be viewed as being a disadvantage. Dyslexics are often agile, able to adapt and heighten their abilities to compensate for areas where they feel they may be lacking.”

Angus Hepburn said:

“The parallels between my own experience of dyslexia and Angus’s experiences are perfectly captured in this piece.”

Mark Stoddart said:

The two artists have both experienced significant struggles in learning and work yet share a strong belief that being dyslexic has given them a ‘creative force’ which they have used to their advantage.

A Desirable Disadvantage’ is set to tour other venues in 2022.