Dyslexia Scotland Young Ambassadors join the National Neurodiversity Youth Council

Dyslexia Scotland has partnered with the ADHD Foundation and Autistica, The Dyspraxia Foundation, Tourettes Action and the Dyscalculia Network to be part of the National Neurodiversity Youth Council.

A first in its kind, the national project will create a forum of young people aged 16-24 years old to represent each charity in the coalition.

It has been designed by young people for young people to:

The representatives for Dyslexia Scotland are: Rachel Miller and Kate Miller

Rachel Miller (21) and Kate Miller (17) have been Young Ambassadors for Dyslexia Scotland for a number of years, inspiring young people with dyslexia to achieve their potential and feel included. Both have been actively involved in raising awareness to the wider public of the impact of dyslexia on the lives of young people through talks, presentations, videos, and media interviews.

The National Neurodiversity Youth Council’s launch will feature on BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat with exclusive interviews from our ambassadors in the coming weeks.

Logo for the National Neurodiversity Youth Council