Dyslexia Scotland signs Volunteer Charter

Dyslexia Scotland has pledged support for the new Volunteer Charter, a joint venture between Volunteer Scotland and STUC.

The Volunteer Charter sets out 10 key principles for assuring legitimacy and preventing exploitation of workers and volunteers.

The charter supports the foundations for a good volunteer experience and gives individuals, groups and organisations the opportunity to express their support for the spirit of volunteering while upholding the principles of good volunteer practice.

Dyslexia Scotland Volunteers Managers Sue Bowen said, “We’re very proud to be a member of this scheme. Volunteers are essential to our work and we applaud and fully support this important initiative by our partners STUC and Volunteer Scotland.”

Woman wearing an apron in a kitchen. Text reads: Any volunteer activity is a freely made choice of the individual.
Man sitting in bus. Text reads: Volunteers should receive no financial reward for their time however out of pocket expenses should be covered.
WOman with dogs at shelter. Text reads: Effective structures should be put in place to support, train and develop volunteers.
3 people in his-vis jackets. Text reads: volunteers and paid workers should be able to carry out their duties n safe, secure and healthy environments.
2 men in green tshirts in outdoor setting. Text reads: Volunteers should not carry out duties formerly carried out by paid workers.
Woman typing on laptop. Text reads: Volunteers should not be used instead of paid workers or undercut their pay and conditions of service.
Man holding box of clothing. Text reads: Volunteers should not be used to reduce contract costs.
People in an outdoor setting with tools and buckets. Text reads: volunteers should not be used to bypass minimu wage legislation.
Man hands a hot drink from a flask to someone sitting in the street. Text reads: volunteer roles should be designed and negotiated around the needs and interests of volunteers, involving organisations and wider stakeholders.
2 people at a table with laptop and papers. Text reads: volunteers and paid workers should be given the opportunity to contribute to the development and monitoring of volunteering policies and procedures.