Survey closing date approaches

People with dyslexia are urged to take part in the country’s biggest-ever survey of its dyslexic population before it closes in a few weeks’ time.

The survey, developed in partnership with the University of Glasgow, aims to find out how good or bad life is for people with dyslexia in Scotland.

The research forms a critical step in Dyslexia Scotland’s strategy for a dyslexia-friendly Scotland.

The survey asks people with dyslexia about their experiences of education, work, mental health and whether they have faced any bullying or discrimination.

Since its launch in November 2023, more than 1000 people have taken part.

Taking part in the survey will help Dyslexia Scotland get a better picture of what they need to prioritise for action.

Chief Executive Cathy Magee is urging more people to get involved. She said, “We’re working towards a dyslexia-friendly Scotland, so we’re taking a snapshot of how included our community feels. We’re asking dyslexic people in Scotland to devote some time to sharing their experiences through this very important survey, so that we know what areas to focus on improving.” 

Dr Jeremy Law, Lecturer in the School of Education, University of Glasgow said, “This is a vitally important piece of research being carried out by Dyslexia Scotland. If we can learn from this survey what challenges and difficulties the dyslexic community faces, we can make focussed efforts to improve outcomes and become a more inclusive nation. I’d urge anyone with dyslexia, even if you don’t have a formal identification, to take part before 5 May.”