SQA exam support survey released

Dyslexia Scotland is supporting the launch of a second survey into SQA exam support for dyslexic learners in high school.

The survey, aimed at learners’ parents, asks about identification of dyslexia, types of supports provided and how satisfied they are with the support their child received.

The research is being carried out by Vivien Clarke, whose experiences as a literacies tutor raised her awareness of a ‘postcode lottery’ of support.

“I hear at first hand from the parents of my pupils about current support (or lack of) in classrooms and in exams. This survey aims to get a wider picture of the needs of parents, to learn more about getting the best support possible for dyslexic pupils. Parents who understand the school system can ask the right questions and get the best answers on behalf of their young people, so it’s vital that we get that picture of what is happening across the country so we can address any problems.”

Dyslexia Scotland Chief Executive Cathy Magee said, “We hope that the results of this survey will help us to understand what parents need to help their dyslexic young people in SQA exams. We’d encourage all parents of young people with dyslexia who have just completed their exams to complete Viven’s survey – your responses could help make improvements for others in future.”

Vivien Clarke