Monty's dyslexia poem

Monty tells the story of his dyslexia journey in this poem – and it was published in Dyslexia Voice magazine.

Monty wearing a green blazer and striped tie , smiles directly at us.

I spent my time in those early years

Hiding in the bathroom, alone with my fears.

So stupid my teacher made me feel

My childhood disappearing – it seemed hers to steal.

“Get out of the loo you stupid boy”

These harsh words made me feel paranoid.

“I’m stupid” I thought, yet I feel I’m not,

But perhaps I’m just a total clot.

The years rolled by until I was nine.

“I think” my new teacher said “that you will shine,”

“I recommend to you a dyslexia test,

I can promise you one thing – you are not a pest.

With trepidation I went to the mansion

Of a man who took time with his explanation,

Tests which were fun, unlike those at school,

“You’re dyslexic” he confirmed, “you are nobody’s fool.”

The relief that I felt stays with me today,

And despite my dyslexia, I’m happy to say,

Three weeks ago, a full house of A’s

In my National 5 prelims – hip hip hip hooray!

So never believe that you don’t have a brain,

At the end of the day, we are all just the same.

Some of us just need certain things put In place

And then we can flourish at our very own pace.

I have a dream now, though I’m only fifteen,

But I see myself moving to the academic extreme

Of Kings College Cambridge for a history degree,

My eyes have been opened, and now I am free.

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