'It makes me who I am'

Today is my last day of Primary School. Half of it I hated because I didn’t understand anything and half I enjoyed because it all clicked into place. 

I am very proud of myself. 

As well as being an ambassador for Dyslexia at school, helping younger students understand it and accept it in a positive way, yesterday I was voted ‘the people’s champion’ at my leavers night. 

I was then awarded The Young Citizen of the Year 2021. 

My article for the Dyslexia Scotland Summer 2021 magazine has been added to the Dyslexia packs which are given to the new students who have ‘Type 2 brains’ like me. 

Although my mum helped me spell a lot of these words, I can and I will do anything I set my mind to. 

I want to keep helping other students with dyslexia understand that it’s a positive. And they can do anything just like me. 

It makes me who I am.