If - poems about Dyslexia

We have been sent these wonderful poems by a very talented lady and we think they sum things up very well.

We hope that you enjoy them half as much as we have.

If you can cope with amazing talent coupled with absolute inability,

And face both with the same attitude;

If you can trust your talent when all around you want to focus on your disability,

But understand the world turns on the printed word;

Or listen to misguided authority figures claim you are rubbish, but never pass the hate on,

And don’t get too big for your boots, nor use your verbal talents too much:

Yours will be achievement and self esteem

And what’s more you’ll be a Dyslexic, my child!

Inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s “IF” poem 

If you can affect every brain cell, but make them work as one,

Or affect such a small part of life, but still be so disabling;

If you can be disarmed sometimes, but still resurge with such vigor,

If you allow for talent and ability to shine through, but never too easily;

If you can fill the everyday literate minute

With sixty seconds’ worth of stressed out panic,

Yours is my brain and most things in it,

And what’s more you are Dyslexia, my froe!

(froe; means friend/foe)