Dyslexia Stories 1

Dyslexia stories 1

Introduction and Overview

This is the first of 9 posts by an adult member of Dyslexia Scotland. A. Introduction  I would like to share with you some information and ideas on dyslexia stories. To do this, I have written a series of blog posts which will be posted in sequence here on the Dyslexia Scotland blog. This 1st post comprises an overview of all 9 blog posts in the series. B. Overview of entire series The key discussion points of the ‘Dyslexia Stories’ series of blog posts are: These 3 key points give us our overarching structure, and into it we put the following content:
Blog post(s) number(s) Content
1st key point: What dyslexia stories are and how they are helpful
2  – What are dyslexia stories? – How can dyslexia stories help people?
2nd key point: Other people’s dyslexia stories
3 & 4 – How can we discover other people’s dyslexia stories?
3rd key point: Your own dyslexia story
5 – How can telling your dyslexia story help you and others? – Sharing or not sharing your dyslexia story
6, 7, 8 & 9 – How can you tell your own dyslexia story?
This blog post has given the gist of the whole series.  Think of it as your contents page.  You may find it helpful to print it out and refer to it as you progress through the series. In the next blog post, we will explore the first key point in our series with the following 2 questions: A. What are dyslexia stories? B. How can dyslexia stories help people?