Dyslexia Scotland Adult Network

This blog post tells you 10 things about the Dyslexia Scotland Adult Network, and 10 ways I benefit from it.

10 things about the Adult Network

1. What is the Adult Network? A network of 3 support groups for dyslexic people in Scotland aged 18 and over. The groups meet in Stirling, Glasgow and Edinburgh. 2. Who coordinates the groups? 3. When and how often do the groups meet? 4. Are meetings confidential? Yes. Network members are asked to value everyone’s right to privacy by not disclosing personal details of others outwith the meetings. 5. Who facilitates meetings? The network coordinator, guest speakers, or Network members. 6. How many people attend meetings? Usually between 10 and 20. 7. What happens at meetings? Presentations, workshop activities, group discussion, informal chat and drop-ins. 8. What are the learning aims of the Network? 9. Do meetings cost? No. Dyslexia Scotland has funding to cover the cost of room hire. 10. Do all 3 groups ever meet up? Yes, there was a meeting in June in Stirling for all 3 groups. Another all-network meeting is being planned for June 2018.

10 ways I benefit from the Adult Network

Final word The Dyslexia Scotland Adult Network provides a unique form of support for dyslexic adults in Scotland. It has let me grow personally and professionally in ways that nothing else has.  I warmly recommend it to dyslexic adults as a chance to learn, feel part of a group, and help others. More information and upcoming meeting dates Please visit https://www.dyslexiascotland.org.uk/our-adult-networks. By an anonymous adult member of Dyslexia Scotland.