A dyslexic teacher's learning journey

As a Dyslexia Scotland Young Ambassador turned trainee teacher, Rachel Miller knows a thing or two about dyslexia in the classroom.

“If teachers aren’t dyslexia aware, huge numbers of children will underachieve,” she worries.

Since being identified with dyslexia in primary school, Rachel has been determined to understand how she thinks and learns – and to make sure that educators did, too. Now, she’s committed to passing on her knowledge of techniques and strategies that teachers can use to identify and support dyslexic learners.

“I want teachers and learners to have a positive classroom experience. Teachers who know the signs of dyslexia and how a child or young person with dyslexia can feel in the classroom, are in a better position to help.”

Rachel’s workshop ‘Dyslexia in the classroom’ will cover her dyslexic learning journey and the strategies that helped her succeed.

Book your place for ‘The Neurodiverse Classroom: educating all minds’, Dyslexia Scotland’s education conference via the conference web page. Be quick, the early bird rate ends 5pm pn 8 September.

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