2020 Vision

2020-Vision-Dyslexia The year 2020 still sounds like a science fiction, long-way-off date of the future, yet here we are. When Oswald Berkhan first identified dyslexia in 1881, I wonder whether he’d even dreamed of the dynamic developments in research, information and assistive technology that would be around almost 140 years on, or even that dyslexic people would still face discrimination and the sense of being misunderstood. A need to champion the rights, requirements and successes of dyslexic people, even over a century since dyslexia’s discovery, is why Dyslexia Scotland exists. Our 2020 vision is for a dyslexia friendly Scotland that values the skills and talents of all dyslexic people. In 2018, we created a new three year strategic plan where we set our sights on activities that will raise awareness of dyslexia, improve outcomes for children, young people and adults in life, learning and work and maximise the opportunities offered by new and larger premises by facilitating learning and exchange. The last two years have seen us deliver dozens of events, including Scotland’s first Dyslexia Festival. We’ve trained hundreds of people in dyslexia awareness, distributed thousands of leaflets, continued to influence and make life-changing differences at policy and grassroots levels. Much has been achieved so far, but we know that there’s more to accomplish. Many children and young people still grapple with understanding their dyslexia, with parents and schools still learning how to give them the best support. Many adults still go unidentified, not yet knowing what dyslexia is, let alone that it is part of their make-up. And many businesses and organisations haven’t yet learned how to maximise dyslexic talent that could revolutionise the way they work. Our 2020 vision is to strive to make these differences. We invite all our members and followers to join us in championing the rights and the value of our dyslexic community. Let’s all work together to make 2020 the year for a dyslexia friendly Scotland. Ways you can help to make a difference: Blog by Dyslexia Scotland