Strategies for 18+ years

Some days you might feel that daily life can be a struggle and quite challenging. There are a number of positive things you can do to help with your daily life and to start feeling better about things.

Why not try some of these?

1. Maximise your smart phone’s potential 

Downloading the right apps and tools can make your day far easier. Use Evernote to organise your day, Google Calendar to remember dates and be on time and Google or Apple Maps to find your way. You can even use your phone’s camera to capture information and more. 

2. Get to know yourself!

Self-awareness is the key to success, so get to know what both your strengths and weaknesses are. This will help you to know where to ask for support, help you to overcome difficulties, build your confidence and prevent you from repeatedly getting stuck on your weaknesses.

3. Make time to relax

Sometimes you might feel that you need twice as long as other people to complete tasks. Don’t let that mean that you never stop to rest. Your brain needs the break and it will keep you motivated to do what you love if you feel rested and recharged. Swimming, yoga, drawing, comedy, meditating, cycling and other sports are all good ways of both letting go of stress and feeling refreshed.

4. Find a mentor or role model that you can talk to and trust 

There are plenty of awesome dyslexic people out there with dyslexia, and many will be friends of friends or friends of your family. Ask if you can grab coffee with someone you admire so you can ask them questions either about their dyslexia or their careers. Alternatively, seek inspiration from one of the many celebrities with dyslexia!

5. Get inspired

Read these amazing Stats and Facts about dyslexia, watch a Ted talk on dyslexia, or follow our positive quotes board on Pinterest.

6. Learn about the power of breathing!

It’s an amazing tool to use when you’re feeling stressed or anxious. Watch a video about this here.

7. Check out this infograph ‘My dyslexic brain is just wired differently’

You might recognise some of these things!

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