Katy Winton speaks up about dyslexia

Innerleithen-based Professional Mountain Biker Katy Winton will take part in a summer lecture series dedicated to dyslexia.

Redefining My Limits will be an online, in-conversation talk hosted by national charity Dyslexia Scotland.

The sports star will talk about how she harnesses dyslexia to excel as a sportsperson, turning professional at 23 and ranking 3rd in the World in 2017 and 2018. 

Although finding out she was dyslexic from a young age it’s only in the last 6 months Katy has opened up about her earlier struggles in school. Now the champion wants to encourage others with the learning difference.

Katy said, “We are all human, and we all have tremendous courage within us. A dyslexia label placed limits on me that I didn’t want. It made others jump to preconceived conclusions about me too quickly. In this talk I’ll share how I work with my dyslexia now as a sports person; the power of the mind and your attitude and how I harnessed it. All in hopes that you can too so as your limits are not defined by someone else or the dyslexic label. I believe you are the only one to know what you are truly capable of.”

Dyslexia Scotland Chief Executive Cathy Magee said, “What an honour to host Katy for our next Summer Lecture. Every child and young person with dyslexia in Scotland, particularly if they are struggling with the school learning environment, needs to hear Katy’s story and learn from her mindset. She’s a fantastic role model and a great inspiration.”

This live and unrecorded series forms part of the strategy for a dyslexia-friendly Scotland by informing the wider public about the nature and value of dyslexic minds to our progressive society.

Following from Katy Winton, Laura Henry-Allain MBE  creator of the well-loved, award-winning BBC CBeebies series JoJo and Gran Gran will talk about her journey with dyslexia and leading Orthoptist Nadia Northway will explain about visual issues commonly associated with dyslexia.

Tickets are now available for Katy Winton: Redefining My Limits

Mountain biker Katy Winton on her bike, cycles towards us smiling in a forest.
Photo credit: Keiki Abelleira

Main photo credit: Ross Bell