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New dyslexia career guidance resource released

Thursday, 6 May 2021

Dyslexia Scotland is calling on parents, carers and career educators to take part in trialling a new resource. Dyslexic Career Journeys is designed to nurture young dyslexic Scots' career potential and help them to feel more optimistic for their futures.

Young dyslexic people, who often possess creative and dynamic thinking skills, tend to feel like fish out of water in their learning environments and consequently in their career development. Often, the grown-ups who support them look to Dyslexia Scotland for advice on how to help. This resource provides an introduction to understanding dyslexia, its impact on career development and practical ways to develop potential.

The resource could be helpful to a wide range of adult or peer helpers involved in career education for young people, including: career advisers, coaches, training providers,employability workers, youth and community workers, work coaches, job club volunteers, workplace mentors, guidance teachers, lecturers, parents, carers and other skilled helpers. Scroll down for ways to access the materials and take part in evaluating the resource.


Hard copies

There are a limited number of hard copies available for educators who are willing to be involved in a community of practice, to take part in a long-term evaluation of the resource and provide feedback on how you are using it, quarterly for up to one year. If you are able to use the resource in your setting and would be interested in helping Dyslexia Scotland to review and develop the resource further, please express interest at: by 30 May 2021. 

Digital download

Dyslexic Career Journeys is also available as a free download from  and you can opt to take part in an evaluation by contacting Katie.

For any further information about the resource, contact Katie.