How do I get my child assessed for dyslexia? 

Ask our Helpline about assessing dyslexia in children and young people in Scotland.

Dyslexia assessment in mainstream schools 

Children and young people in Scottish state schools don’t need to get a private assessment for dyslexia to get support with their learning.  

If learners in school are showing signs of being dyslexic, their school should begin a process of observing them using the Dyslexia Identification Pathway. This isn’t a one-off test, it’s a longer process over a period of time involving the young person, their class teacher(s), learning support staff and you as their parent or carer.  

Call our Helpline if you’d like to speak with someone about the dyslexia identification process at school. 

Dyslexia assessment in independent schools 

If your child is in an independent school, speak to the Support for Learning Teacher. If they have recommended that you need an independent assessment, you can contact us to discuss the options.  

When to get a private dyslexia assessment for a child or young person 

As a parent or carer, you might decide to arrange a private assessment if 

Most importantly, your child sometimes needs to know why they are experiencing challenges and how they can be supported. 

Speak with our Helpline advisers about options.