Dyslexia Awareness Week

Dyslexia Awareness Week will be on 6 - 11 November 2017

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The theme of Dyslexia Awareness Week 2016 was 'Dyslexia: did you know...?'

Thank you to everyone who helped us reach out to more people and raise awareness and understanding of the 1 in 10 children, young people and adults with dyslexia in Scotland. 

Here are some ways people got involved:

  • Attended one of the events taking place across Scotland during Dyslexia Awareness Week.
  • Put up a Dyslexia Awareness Week poster.
  • Wore a blue ribbon or attached a Twibbon to their social media profile during Dyslexia Awareness Week.
  • Got some ideas for things you can do in schools or in the workplace.
  • Shared our social media posts which will followed daily themes
  • Got creative – helped explore ‘hidden dyslexia’ by colouring in this picture and tweeting their work of art to us @dyslexiascotlan - see the idea behind the picture here. Or tried thinking outside the box
  • Wrote a blog about anything to do with dyslexia – email helen@dyslexiascotland.org.uk to find out more about writing a blog for us.
  • Checked out our leaflets for children, parents, adults and employers.
  • Joined Dyslexia Scotland and became part of a growing membership across Scotland – you can now join or renew online.

A message from Dyslexia Scotland Ambassador Steven Naismith

Steven recently sent this message to a young football fan. We asked him if we could share it for Dyslexia Awareness Week - read it here

Find out more about dyslexia.
Learn a bit about Dyslexia Scotland - in numbers!
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For more information about Dyslexia Awareness Week please email lena@dyslexiascotland.org.uk 
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