Dyslexia Awareness Week

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Dyslexia Awareness Week was on 4 - 9 November 2019

Thank you to everyone who took part.  

Our posters for the week highlighted the strengths and creativity that dyslexia can bring to the workplace:

Colin           Emily           Gavin           Kat           Indie           General Poster

  • Check out our website for children and young people aged 8 - 18 and download a poster here
  • Have a look at our Twitter and Facebook posts 
  • If you’re a teacher, sign up to the 3 free online Modules on the Online Addressing Dyslexia Toolkit. Or, if you work in Community Learning and Development, see this online module which will give you a greater understanding of dyslexia. 
  • Check out our leaflets for children, parents, adults and employers.
  • Join Dyslexia Scotland and be part of a growing membership across Scotland – you can join or renew online and we have individual and family memberships.
  • Got a question about dyslexia?  Contact our Helpline today.