Dyslexia Awareness: Moving Mountains


Dyslexia Awareness Week in Scotland is here again. In the past 5 years or so, Ellie’s blue ribbons have gone from strength to strength. Therefore some of us might be beginning to take Dyslexia Awareness Week for granted and finding it all a bit too much work.

However, I remember the bad old days when I would tell a teacher (or employer) that I was dyslexic and get a blank look in response. And they weren’t even the worst of the dark ages, at least I knew I was dyslexic and not just thick or slow. I have written the poem below to try to encourage myself and others to continue to raise awareness. In “The Prince of Egypt” there is a lovely song called “When You Believe”, I find the following lyrics extremely inspirational:- “we know there’s much to fear We were moving mountains Long before we knew we could” I suggest that we look back from the shoulders on which we stand at the mountains that have moved. And continue to use Dyslexia Awareness Week to make mountains move still further.  REMEMBER mountains move slowly: they are extremely big and heavy after all!!! Brilliant Dyslexia Scotland My Wider World Wear Ellie’s Blue Ribbons Excellent Don’t hide away! Allow everyone to see Win the fight! Together We battle No longer hiding Disabling society, is learning Communication Decide now! Action against fear We are shining a light Enlightened We stand Together we teach Together we learn how To succeed Difference is great! Always embrace diversity Weakness is not found in difference Strength Is difference Talent is unique Genius does not follow It leads!!! Doreen Kelly,  Dyslexia Scotland Member and Volunteer *Blue ribbon word cloud created using Shapego