Starting their career journeys

Dyslexic Career Journeys was designed to help parents nurture their child’s strengths and make them feel positive about their futures.

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A wire-bound manual called Dyslexic Career Journeys.

Case study

Mum Paula is helping Emily to grow her confidence, overcome her difficulties and achieve and attain qualifications through following her interests and playing to her strengths.

“Emily has always struggled academically, but now we have
had it confirmed that she is dyslexic she can finally get the
support she needs.
Emily is such a little super star and had been a gymnast since
she was 3 years old. She’s now 11 and has competed in her
national grades in Scottish Gymnastics and she is working
towards her level 3 nationals next. Being dyslexic, Emily has
always found following routines a challenge but has worked
so hard to overcome the challenges. I’m so proud of her.”

A young gymnast in hot pink and black detailed leotard strikes a pose on the mat. Coaches and other athletes look on from the background.