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The Royal Rebel

Cover of the Royal Rebel

The Royal Rebel | Written by Bali Rai and illustrated by Rachael Dean

Rebel, Princess, Suffragette: this is the incredible true story of the life of Princess Sophia Duleep Singh, a forgotten heroine of the early twentieth century.


Born in 1876, Princess Sophia Duleep Singh was the daughter of the last Sikh ruler of the Punjab and goddaughter of Queen Victoria. After her father lost control of his empire and was exiled to England, Sophia had a privileged but troubled upbringing that left her unsure about where she belonged – in India or England. Sensitive to injustice, she became a Suffragette and fought hard to win the vote for women.

This is the extraordinary story of her life.

ISBN: 9781781129425 Interest Age: 9+

Reading Age: 8

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“So simply done and yet packs an almighty emotional punch … a wonderful addition to any classroom that is investigating the history of the suffragette movement and the history of Empire. This is a fantastic story about a woman who defied authority and achieved incredible things.”

The Historian Next Door

Stitched Up

Cover of Stitched Up by Steve Cole

Stitched Up | Written by Steve Cole and illustrated by Oriol Vidal

The horrific real-life cost of fast fashion is exposed in this gripping tale of survival from bestselling author Steve Cole.


When twelve-year-old Hanh is offered a job as a shop assistant in Hanoi, she sees it as a chance to earn money to send back to her family living in poverty in rural Vietnam. But on her arrival in the city, she soon learns that the job offer was a lie and finds herself working in virtual slavery in an illegal garment factory. Life in this sweatshop is a daily hell of long hours, little rest, poor food and regular violence. Hanh is desperate to escape, but when an opportunity arises will she be able to find the courage to take a dangerous chance?

ISBN: 9781800901230

Interest Age: 9+

Reading Age: 8

“Another brilliantly written, hard-hitting accessible text … serves as a reminder that behind every piece of cheap clothing is a story of a life lived in fear, despair and struggle. A thought-provoking and timely read for young people.”

Little Library on The Green

The White Fox

Cover of The White Fox by Jackie Morris

The White Fox | Written and illustrated by Jackie Morris

A beautiful and evocative tale of an Inuit boy and a lost Arctic fox, accompanied by the gorgeous artwork and storytelling of award-winning Jackie Morris.


The day the fox came things began to change for Sol. Lost, alone and far away from home, Sol feels a deep connection with the little Arctic fox he discovers down at the Seattle docks – he too feels lost in the big city. Dad is always busy working and Sol misses the grandparents they have left behind. So Sol decides to take the little fox back home, reuniting his own family in the process.

ISBN: 9781781127391 Interest Age: 9+

“A magical book” — Book Trus

Book Trust


Lunar | Chris Bradford, illustrated by Charlotte Grange

Stranded and alone on the moon, Luna is running out of time … Bestselling author Chris Bradford crafts The Martian for younger readers in this gripping outer-space survival story.


Yesterday, Luna and her father were part of a pioneering mining mission to the Moon, searching for precious minerals. Today, after a devastating meteorite shower, she’s alone, with no shelter, few supplies and with time and oxygen quickly running out. Facing what seem like unsurmountable odds, can Luna call upon her training and resourcefulness to find a way to survive?

ISBN: 9781800902299 Reading Age: 7 Interest Age: 9+

“Chris Bradford reads like a twenty-first century Jules Verne with his heart-stopping moon-based thriller.”

Tom Palmer, author

What it was like to be a Viking

Cover of What was it Like to be a Viking by David Long.

Written by David Long, illustrated by Stefano Tambellini

From traders to raiders, embark on an incredible voyage through Viking life and history in the first in an exciting new series from bestselling non-fiction writer David Long.


The Vikings were a terrifying force that changed history across the globe – from Canada all the way to Iraq. But they were merchants as well as marauders, explorers as well as adventurers. The greatest seafarers and shipbuilders of their age, they were also skilled metalworkers and artists, farmers and fishermen, healers and herders. They were even democrats who established the world’s oldest surviving parliament. Award-winning writer David Long’s concise but wide-ranging account brings their fascinating civilisation into focus, explaining what Viking life was actually like as well as considering their lingering influence throughout the world.

ISBN: 9781800902121 Reading Age: 9+ Interest Age: 8

“Long skilfully explains everything from Viking politics to archaeology in this fact-packed and accessible introduction to a long-ago civilisation… With all the intriguing facts and characters brought to vivid life by Stefano Tambellini’s rich artwork… this promises to be a top class series from a dynamic writing and illustration duo.”

Lancashire Post

Bertie and the Alien Chicken

Cover of Bertie and the Alien Chicken

Written by Jenny Pearson, illustrated by Aleksei Bitskoff

An alien chicken bent on exterminating Earth is disarmed by the power of friendship in this hilarious and heartfelt tale from Lollie-award-winning author Jenny Pearson.


Bertie is NOT looking forward to spending the summer holidays on stinky Long Bottom Farm. But things take an interesting turn when he encounters Nugget, the alien chicken. Nugget’s mission is to find the Earth’s most important resource and transport it back to Nurgle 7, and he needs Bertie’s help. But what could the Earth’s most valuable resource be, and can they find it in time to stop the Nurgles exterminating the Earth?!

ISBN: 9781800901810

Reading Age: 8 Interest Age: 9+

“Brimming with Jenny’s trademark humour and heart, this laugh-a-minute, saving-the-world, intergalactic farmyard caper is as funny and rib-tickling as it is wise and challenging.”

A Word About Books, Blog

Finding Her Feet

Cover of FInding Her Feet

Written by Eve Ainsworth, illustrated by Luna Valentine

When Lily joins the local girls’ football team has she finally found a place where she fits in? A shy but talented footballer navigates challenging friendships and anxiety at school in this touching tale from acclaimed author Eve Ainsworth.


Lily always feels a little bit left out. Shy and anxious, she finds school really hard, particularly as most of the other girls all seem so confident. Most of the time, Lily wishes that she could just disappear. But during a game of football in PE, Lily’s teacher spots her natural talent and invites Lily to join the local girls’ team, where she starts to make friends with some of the other players. Finally, she thinks she’s found a place where she fits in, but will a vicious argument with one of her teammates put all her progress in jeopardy?

ISBN: 9781800902022

Reading age: 8

Interest age: 9+

“This sensitively told story, beautifully illustrated by Luna Valentine, is peppered with fascinating football facts as Lily navigates the challenges of anxiety and friendships. The perfect read for young football fans… and to help build confidence in any shy youngster.at pulls you through with its wonder and wisdom and leaves you utterly change”

Lancashire Post


Written by Katya Balen, illustrated by Richard Johnson

Noah has felt misunderstood and abandoned since his dad moved away, but can they find a way to build a new relationship? Carnegie Medal winner Katya Balen returns with a stunning tale about a fractured bond between father and son – and the injured bird that helps to heal it.


When Noah’s dad visits from New York, he and Noah come across an injured nightjar during a walk in the countryside. Noah is determined to save the bird, but his dad believes they should leave it alone to let nature take its course. As father and son argue, it becomes clear that Noah is angry about more than just the bird. He feels abandoned and misunderstood by his dad, who has moved to the US and started a new family there that doesn’t seem to have room for Noah. Can they find a way to build a new relationship and rediscover the common ground between them?

ISBN: 9781800901667

Reading age: 8

Interest age: 9+

“A voice unlike any other, that pulls you through with its wonder and wisdom and leaves you utterly change”

Struan Murray


Written by Tom Palmer

Multi-award-winning author Tom Palmer shines a light on life under wartime occupation, in a beautifully told story inspired by the childhood of Hollywood legend Audrey Hepburn.


As the brutal Second World War stretches on with no end in sight, life for ordinary Dutch people in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands is fraught with peril and hardship. There is very little to eat and the population lives under the constant threat of arrest and enslavement. After the murder of her beloved uncle and the capture of her brother by the Germans, Edda is determined to do anything she can to help the resistance fight back against their oppressors. But what can a teenage girl do and how much risk is she willing to take?

ISBN: 9781800901063

Reading age: 8

Interest age: 8+

“This is a magnificent historical fiction… Palmer is a genius at using crisp, clear language to create vivid scenes and evoke tension”

Open University

Hetty and the Battle of the Books

Written by Anna James, with black-and-white illustrations by Jez Tuya

A passionate campaign brings four best friends back together in a fight to save their school library in this heartfelt tale from bestselling author Anna James.


The library is Hetty’s very favourite place in school, and since falling out with her best friends Ali, Mei and Rocket she’s been spending even more time there. So she’s absolutely horrified when she learns that her head teacher is planning to close it down, claiming there aren’t enough funds to keep the library going. There’s no way Hetty’s going to sit back and let this happen. But can she repair her broken friendships and build support for her library campaign? Let the Battle of the Books commence!

ISBN: 9781800900998

Reading age: 8

Interest age: 8+

“A super story about friendships, misunderstandings and the importance of libraries as a safe space for everyone!”



Cogheart author Peter Bunzl stirs up magic, myth and history in a stunning adventure inspired by the incredible lives of 19th century heroines Grace Darling and Ida Lewis.


Deryn’s father is the lighthouse keeper on Featherstone Island, keeping the lantern lit to protect passing boats from the treacherous rocky coastline. But when an emergency arises and Deryn is left alone to keep watch over the lighthouse, she finds herself in a terrible situation when the lamp runs out of oil during a wild storm. With a fishing boat in peril on the sea, Deryn has to seek help from an unusual source. Will she be able to keep the lantern lit through the dark, dangerous night?Deryn’s father is the lighthouse keeper on Featherstone Island, keeping the lantern lit to protect passing boats from the treacherous rocky coastline. But when an emergency arises and Deryn is left alone to keep watch over the lighthouse, she finds herself in a terrible situation when the lamp runs out of oil during a wild storm. With a fishing boat in peril on the sea, Deryn has to seek help from an unusual source. Will she be able to keep the lantern lit through the dark, dangerous night?


“A beautiful weaving of myth, magic and history, an absolute joy to read” – Sophie Anderson, author of The House with Chicken Legs

ISBN: 978-1-78112-918-0
Reading Age: 8+