Best behaviour

Dr Rob Long has a novel approach to classroom behaviour management. “It’s time we changed, not the children and young people,” he tells us, wholeheartedly.

The much-revered Chartered Psychologist is returning by popular demand as keynote speaker at the Dyslexia Scotland annual education conference. This October, Dr Long will address an audience of dedicated teachers to share new and exciting support strategies that will make a difference for every child they work with.

Dr Long believes passionately that education is the passport to the future. His input will argue that every practitioner needs a theory, but every child and young person needs a practitioner.

“Teachers can expect to leave the auditorium with the conviction that ‘I will make every interaction with a child a positive intervention’.”

Dr Long is a leading expert in approaches to behavioural and emotional support in the classroom renowned for his dynamic approach he has to communicating with his audience and his ability to share the commitment and enthusiasm for his field.

Dr Long will deliver his keynote speech ‘This Way Up’ at The Neurodiverse Classroom: Educating All Minds in Glasgow on 28 October.

The early bird ticket rate is open until 5pm on 8 September

Visit the conference page to book your place.

It’s time we changed, not the children and young people.

Dr Rob Long
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