Bear with me

bearwithmeweb_lcaveBear with me as I fumble for words, it takes time, which may seem absurd   Bear with me as I doodle and draw, I have the feeling I just can’t write anymore   Bear with me as I go for a walk to clear my head, to try and lift this feeling of dread   Bear with as I get myself back on track, to meet this deadline which I know I can crack   Bear with me as I doodle and draw, my head is full, I can’t think straight anymore   Bear with me as I take my time, find a pace that suits me fine   Bear with me as I pick up the pace, I feel I can win this deadline race   Bear with me as the words transpire Woohooo look at me I am on fire   Bear with me as my fingers tap away, I am nearly done it’s the end of the day, For this little rhyme, it took a huge amount of time,   Bear with me as bring this to a close, Scraping through by the skin of my nose, As I sigh with relief, I will keep this brief   Bear with me is my mantra in life, its kept me out of certain strife, Knowing I need that extra time letting people know I am Dyslexic is fine Dyslexia is part of me so please bear with me and let me be me Words and illustration by Laura Cave-Magowan If you would like to hear more about Laura’s illustrations, she will be doing a talk at our Members Day and AGM on Saturday 17th November.