Action Plus Reaction Equals Interaction

coffee This poem was originally published in Issue 8 of Blether Stories: “I have come here for a bit of a blether.” Is what some might say. In the event of social interaction. My reaction is action (get away, far away). Action plus reaction equals interaction. My reactions are unusual. Not normal! But then – What IS “normal”? Abnormal is normal.   “Let’s have a nice wee blether” I hear! I cringe! I worry! But smile obediently.   A nice wee blether: indeed!?!   No-one sees Inside my brain. Chuntering are my neural processes. Especially dyslexic, am I.   Wee Yoda and I might get on well. Earthlings and I often don’t. Every visit, trip out or meeting brings anxiety.   Being neurodiverse means:-             -Lifelong differences             -Every aspect of thinking affected             -Totally “normal” on the outside However, peek inside and see:-             -Expansive lands of extreme reaction where             -Random weaknesses clash with random talents.   In every human being similar experiences. Neurodiversity magnifies Distinctions between haves and have nots. Enormous chasms abut Enormous mountains Delightful if you enjoy adventure.   Because blethering, simply smiling and just having a natter is so Loathsomely difficult for me. Ethereal are the rules of conversation. Enormously difficult to grasp and utilise. Rumour has it a wee blether is brilliant! Rumour has it everyone loves a wee blether! Rumour has it no one can fail to have a good talk! That is until I do. Until I blunder. Until I spoil everything.   Longing to fit in:- Everyone says “It’s good to talk!” Talking changes minds! Talking changes lives! Talking changes the world! Sharing halves problems! Sharing halves worries! Sharing solves problems! The common wisdom has it. All good mental health comes from a good blether. Laughing increases endorphin release. Keep chatting and everything will be alright!   Silence is required for meditation, though Taking time out clears the mind. Over-activity causes stress. Rotating cogs in some brains can be slower. Intelligence has nothing to do with it. Eccentric genius is common. Shining bright in the silence.   By Doreen Kelly Dyslexia Scotland Member and Resource Centre Volunteer