Partners and projects

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Partners and projects

We’re working together with other organisations to achieve our vision of making Scotland a more dyslexia friendly country.

Here are some of the partnerships involved in making that happen:

The Specific Learning Difficulties Forum

This network of informal adult educators meets twice per year, co-hosted with Education Scotland. In 2018, in partnership with the Open University, the group wrote and launched a free online training module for Community Learning and Development workers in identifying and supporting dyslexia.

STEM partnerships

Last year we were a strategic partner in the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) conference on Diversity and Inclusion, delivering a workshop on maximising dyslexic talent in the Engineering and Technology sectors.


We hosted Scotland’s first ever dyslexia festival in Glasgow in October 2019.  It brought together 14 organisations to support and celebrate dyslexia. Over 400 people came along to find out more about the people and companies who provide support and opportunities for dyslexic thinkers. The event was funded by the Scottish Government. We plan to work with our partners to hold more DyslexiFests in future. Keep an eye on our Events page.

Trinity Champions

In 2019 we were selected as a Trinity Champion Centre for the work we do delivering Arts Award for dyslexic young people. 

Awards Network

The Scottish Awards Network’s ethos aligns with our own interests in supporting children and young people’s attainment, and with our Career Development Service  activities. We champion informal accredited learning and development to the young dyslexic community, and make them more aware of the range of awards available to them. In 2019 we received Awards Aware status for promoting informal learning and development opportunities to the young dyslexic community.


Fringe Central

Where better than the world’s largest arts festival to engage with the creative dyslexic community? For two years in a row we’ve hosted a Fringe Central workshop, encouraging creatives to explore dyslexia through their art form, connect with others in their community and find support that helps them thrive. In 2019, we partnered with CALL Scotland to highlight how technology can help dyslexic creatives.

Fly the Flag 70: Human Rights advocates

We were very proud to be a named advocate of Human Rights week 2019. This special anniversary marked 70 years since the Declaration of Human Rights, so we promoted and celebrated human rights for all. Read our blog about this with links to dyslexia-friendly versions of the Act.

Making Sense and Addressing Dyslexia Toolkit groups

In 2014 an Education Scotland report called Making Sense: Education for Children and Young People with Dyslexia in Scotland made 5 key recommendations for schools and local authorities on improving education for dyslexic children and young people. The Making Sense working group was formed to support the delivery of these recommendations. The group, which includes Dyslexia Scotland, Education Scotland, GTCS and others work together to take forward the report’s recommendations, including the dissemination and ongoing maintenance of the refreshed Addressing Dyslexia Toolkit. This free online resource helps teachers to support dyslexia in their classrooms.

Education Scotland Review

'Making Sense: Education for Children and Young People with Dyslexia in Scotland' 

This report was launched on 12 May 2014. The Executive Summary was published in September.
Dyslexia Scotland is working closely with all the partners highlighted in the report and the response to take forward the recommendations. A Dyslexia 'Making Sense' Working Group has been set up by the Scottish Government. For the latest updates and links to resources, visit the 'Making Sense' page and the 
'Dyslexia and Inclusive Practice'  page of Education Scotland's website.

Scottish Union Learning Partners Advisory Group 

Unions have a unique role in making sure that employers respect the rights of and provide help for employees with dyslexia. We are active members of the Partners Advisory Group as well as the Scottish Union Learning Dyslexia Group.

For Scotland's Disabled Children

Dyslexia Scotland is a member of this coalition, which campaigns to secure rights and justice for disabled children and young people. Find out more at


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