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Our Networks are a support group for dyslexic adults over 18

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Adult Networks


You can see a bigger version of the flyer above hereYou can see a short film about our Adult Networks here

We have three Adult Network Groups. Please see our events page for more information about our upcoming meetings, which are all currently online via Zoom. This means that you are not limited by geography - you can attend any of our upcoming meetings.

Our networks are facilitated by two supportive and dedicated volunteers. Liz has been leading the networks in Glasgow and Stirling for over 15 years. Jean has been leading the Edinburgh network for three years and has a wealth of dyslexia experience from her working life. 

The Networks are support groups for people over 18 who have dyslexia.  The meetings can help you to:

  • meet other dyslexic folk and share your strategies and experiences
  • discuss how you have overcome challenges
  • talk about issues in education and employment
  • learn from guest speakers

If you have any questions about our adult networks, please email [email protected] 

We are aware that some people might feel a little nervous about attending an adult network meeting, so the first time you attend, you would be welcome to bring a friend or relative. Around 15 people attend most meetings, so you won't be lost in a huge crowd of people. Regular attenders are very supportive and enjoy sharing their experiences/strategies with new people. You're most welcome to come along and find out more.

It was wonderful to hear my voice echoed back at me from others with similar feelings, viewpoints and experiences. and to see the nodding heads of agreement and not blank stares. Also hearing about things I had never considered or personally experienced, so I can further educate myself on the diversity within dyslexia itself.” Cassie H

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If you enjoy your first meeting and would like to attend regularly, we recommend that you become a member of Dyslexia Scotland. An individual membership is £20 per year or £10 for concessions. You can see more about the other benefits of membership here.

If you have recently discovered that you're dyslexic, or have known for a while, but are now looking to make some positive steps to learn more about dyslexia, then we have a collection of resources for you. We've gathered together expert information to guide you on all parts of your personal development journey. See our Post Assesment Pack for Adults


UK-wide Dyslexia Adult Network

The Dyslexia Adult Network (DAN) was set up in 2015 to increase awareness of the impact of dyslexia and related conditions on adults.

The Dyslexia Adult Network is made up of representatives of the major dyslexia charities and of specialists, including adults with dyslexia. Dyslexia Scotland is one of the partners involved. To find out more, visit their website