World Dyslexia Awareness Day 4 October

3 October 2018
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Sir Jackie Stewart and Dyslexia Scotland’s Ambassadors to gather on World Dyslexia Awareness Day to discuss the charity’s key priorities for dyslexic people of all ages in Scotland

Sir Jackie Stewart OBE

On Thursday 4th October, World Dyslexia Awareness Day, Dyslexia Scotland’s President, Sir Jackie Stewart OBE, will lead discussions at an important gathering in Edinburgh with the charity’s Ambassadors and Board of Directors.

The Ambassadors are high profile Scots, notable within various sections of society, who help the charity to advance awareness of the issues faced by people with dyslexia throughout Scotland. This year they will be joined by 3 of Dyslexia Scotland’s Young Ambassadors.

To set the scene for the discussions, the Ambassadors will hear presentations outlining the charity’s achievements since their last meeting in March 2017. Key highlights include an Investing in Volunteers Award and a Professional Learning Award from the General Teaching Council for Scotland for the learning programmes Dyslexia Scotland offers to teachers. Over the past 18 months, 4 free online modules on Dyslexia and inclusive practice have been launched for teachers and practitioners working with adults.

A year ago, the charity launched Dyslexia Unwrapped, the first ever website for dyslexia young people. This website was developed with the help of their Young Ambassadors – whose filmclips about their own experiences of dyslexia feature on the website and help other young people to understand more.

President Sir Jackie Stewart OBE said, “It’s already an achievement that there is a World Dyslexia Awareness Day.  For too many years the reality of so many people suffering from dyslexia has either been hidden or simply not recognised.  In many cases that falls on the educational authorities.  However, in Scotland there have been enormous strides taken, with great improvements to the benefit not only of those with dyslexia today but also because of what Scotland has done in the education of the young generation in our country.” 

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Dyslexia Awareness Week takes place in Scotland from 5th- 10th November. The theme is ‘Dyslexia: My Wider World’ . Further details can be found here