Watch Sir Jackie Stewart interviews about dyslexia

27 November 2014
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Sir Jackie Stewart speaks on Scottish TV about his dyslexia

Former world champion Formula One racing driver and our President Sir Jackie Stewart OBE made a rare appearance in Scotland yesterday when he spoke to an audience of over 300 people about his personal experiences of living with dyslexia at Queen Margaret University (QMU), Edinburgh.

‘An Audience with Sir Jackie Stewart’, offered guests the opportunity to ask the former World Champion direct questions about how he deals with dyslexia.

Sir Jackie left school at 15 years of age, but his dyslexia was not identified until much later.  He found his personal voice in sport; first as an Olympic-class shot, then as a three-time World Champion motor racing driver.

He is now President of Dyslexia Scotland and Vice President of the British Dyslexia Association, and is a long standing campaigner for better support for people affected by dyslexia.

Watch Sir Jackie talking to the media about his dyslexia after the lecture on 26th November:

STV Scotland Tonight:

BBC 2 Scotland 2014 with Sarah Smith: