Views sought on Addressing Dyslexia Toolkit website

27 June 2016
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Addressing Dyslexia Toolkit Website redevelopment

The Addressing Dyslexia Toolkit is a free resource developed to support all who may be involved with literacy difficulties and dyslexia within nursery and school education.  The resource is funded by the Scottish Government and managed by Dyslexia Scotland through the Addressing Dyslexia Toolkit Working Group. 

The 2014 Education Scotland report Making Sense: Education for Children and Young People with Dyslexia in Scotland highlighted that ‘greater use of the Toolkit would help staff to meet more effectively the needs of children and young people with dyslexia’.

To support the greater use of the toolkit, the Addressing Dyslexia Toolkit Working Group is updating and redeveloping the website to:

  • Improve the user’s experience of navigating and accessing the website content
  • Support school and local authority staff to improve the experience and outcomes for learners who have dyslexia or experience literacy difficulties
  • Provide educational practitioners access to free high quality resources on:
    1. Dyslexia
    2. Inclusive Practice
    3. Literacy and numeracy difficulties
    4. CLPL (Professional Learning) training resources and links with the GTCS standards and Professional Update.  

It would be extremely helpful if you could provide the working group with feedback on your experience of using the Toolkit which will be used to support the website redevelopment.

Please share the survey which you can complete here

Thank you very much for taking time to participate in this questionnaire.