Scottish Parliament consults on disabled people's university experiences

15 November 2016
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Are you dyslexic? Do you have recent experience of applying to and attending a Scottish University?

The Scottish Parliament's Equality & Human Rights Committee (EHRiC) would like to hear from you.

The Scottish Government will provide £640 million of public funding to Scottish Universities in the current financial year via the Scottish Funding Council, a Scottish Government agency. In return for that funding, universities must commit to and deliver on targets related to widening access to higher education to people who may not normally have the opportunity to go. This means they must work together with schools, colleges and communities to reach out to people who traditionally, may not be considering university as an option, or who may not be able to consider it as an option for a variety of reasons.

The Equality & Human Rights Committee want to know how well this policy is working to widen access to higher education for disabled people, including people with dyslexia. Have there been enough initiatives to try and overcome some of the specific barriers disabled people face in going to or staying in university? Dyslexia Scotland believes people with dyslexia should be more visible in the widening access agenda, with specific targets and initiatives put in place to support more dyslexic people to access higher education. 

Please do share with others who may wish to respond. There are four questions for you to answer, or you can simply provide comments. 

You can reply by email, in writing or send a video or audio file. The EHRiC call for evidence and questions  are available online here. It is also available as an MP3 audio file here. The deadline to submit a response is 6pm on Friday 25th November.  If you would like us to collate your answers into our response, then please email by Tuesday 22nd November.