Scottish Government request for participants with dyslexia - Adult Disability Payment

9 August 2021
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Scottish Government participant request for reasearch

Next year, the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) will start to be replaced in Scotland by the Adult Disability Payment. Work is underway to involve people in helping to check and test different parts of the service, all with the goal of identifying ways to make it as accessible and as easy to use as possible.

The Scottish Government is keen to involve volunteers who have dyslexia to help look in detail at the way they explain what award has been given for Adult Disability Payment applications, the number of points scored and the reasons why.

They would be especially pleased to involve someone who is not already claiming a disability benefit (PIP or Disability Living Allowance) but who potentially feels that they could. This will help them check if the information is understandable to those with no experience of the current benefits system.

What would happen in the sessions

· Because of the current Covid-19 situation, the sessions will take place remotely by a video call.

· The session will last up to 90 minutes - breaks can be taken.

· There will be one participant per session. They will be joined by a researcher and one or two others who will assist by taking notes.

· The sessions are relaxed and hopefully enjoyable.

· Access and comfort is important, so they will check needs with each participant in advance.

Interested in taking part? Email [email protected]