New Video Series: Dyslexic Career Journeys

8 January 2020
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To welcome in the new year, we're launching our new video series, Dyslexic Career Journeys, today on our online video channel, Dyslexia Scotland TV

Following the success of our 2019 Dyslexia Awareness Week poster campaign, which featured five dyslexic Scots in their workplace, we filmed a set of career stories of 12 real dyslexic Scots to challenge assumptions about career success and learning difference, and to encourage young dyslexic Scots to be optimistic for their futures. Viewers can catch each new episode on Wednesdays over the next few months.

In episode 1, Gavin, a Police Officer with Police Scotland, says he did not discover he was dyslexic until he was 30.  Administration aspects of his work were challenging.  However, support from his employer and good coping strategies, combined with hard work and determination, enabled Gavin to progress into various roles and departments. Throughout his career, Gavin has provided support and encouragement to other dyslexic officers within the Police Service.  Gavin excels in a role that requires him to read situations, as dyslexic thinkers are often highly intuitive with great people skills.

Later in the series we see Kat, an office manager in the Permanent Secretary’s Office, who says that colleagues are often surprised to find out that she’s dyslexic. Despite her dyslexia being identified at 13 years old, it took 7 years before Kat came to terms with this, learning to embrace her dyslexia and work to her strengths.

“If you’d told me when I was little that one day I’d be an office manager for the Scottish Government, I’d never have believed it. A lot of my success is down to my own hard work and determination but a massive part is how I’m supported in my job to work in a way that makes sense to me, and having people believe in me.”

These videos, which aim to encourage young dyslexic Scots to be optimistic for their own careers, feature a range dyslexic adults at work, representing Police Scotland, Creative Industries, Enterprise, Teaching and the Civil Service, Performing Arts and other sectors.

Watch the first episode here. 

Download the accompanying poster series here.