New Dyslexia Scotland publication in Gaelic

16 April 2015
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Dè th’ann an diosleacsia?

Dyslexia Scotland is pleased to announce the launch of one of its publications in Gaelic. ‘Dè th’ann an diosleacsia?’ gives an overview of dyslexia, including a definition, as well as the strengths and barriers associated with dyslexia.

Dr Fiona Lyon, Educational Consultant, said: ‘The possibility that pupils receiving Gaelic medium education may have dyslexia will be just as relevant as for pupils receiving their education in English; therefore it is important that Gaelic medium teachers and parents are aware of the barriers associated with dyslexia and how they may affect an individual. 

Identification of pupils with dyslexia is indeed harder in Gaelic medium education as many pupils entering Gaelic medium schools are quite new to the language and require time to acquire oral and written proficiency in a relatively short period.  However, many of the traits described in this leaflet will be recognisable early on, for example weaknesses with memory or sequencing.’

Dyslexia Scotland has developed a number of tools to help teachers including a free online Addressing Dyslexia Toolkit which includes information about pupils in Gaelic medium education. 

All of our leaflets can be downloaded from our website