Mission Superheroes and Mission Dyslexia

27 February 2021
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Mission Superheroes

Mission Superheroes is a free short programme that can be delivered in primary schools working with P4 - P7 learners, families and staff.  It aims to:

  • Help pupils find ways of building on strengths and overcome difficulties through the creation of their own cartoon superhero
  • Raise awareness of dyslexia and inclusive practice throughout schools.

Click here to see a promotional video by our Young Ambassadors about the Mission Superheroes Professional Learning Guide.

To see all the Mission Superheroes resources you can use in your classroom click here. Resources in the link include presentations for teachers, session notes for workshops, films and a link to a free Dekko comic for children. 

Watch a video from our 2020 AGM in which Dyslexia Scotland Ambassadors Paul McNeill and Rossie Stone talk about how the project evolved since the original idea in 2017. 

Mission Dyslexia

Building on the Mission Superheroes workshops, Paul and Julie McNeill and Rossie Stone have written an illustrated book called Mission Dyslexia.  This is a fun and interactive resource for grown-ups and children to work through together, with drawing and writing activities and examples to open up helpful discussions around dyslexia and self-understanding.

Three superheroes encourage children to use their skills and talents to be confident in what they do - and shrink the villain Mr Dyspicibilia!  The superheroes help develop a child’s unique strengths to tackle the everyday challenges they may experience with reading, writing, staying organised or keeping track of time. The colourful illustrations, cartoons and dialogue encourage children to name their feelings, identify challenges and recognise their own strengths in any situation.

Buy your copy at any of the following links:

Mission Dyslexia: Amazon.co.uk

Mission Dyslexia: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Mission Dyslexia: Waterstones

Mission Dyslexia: WH Smith

Listen to our podcast where Julie, Paul and Rossie talk about their involvement in Mission Superheroes and how Mission Dyslexia was born.